Corporate property consultants with an approachable style.
We use our specialist skills to manage our client's property issues in a straightforward and clear way.
Property Strategy 

We work hard to understand your business strategy and how the property strategy sits within this.
Asset Management

We deal with the property hassle managing all aspects of freehold and leasehold ownership and occupation.
Project Management

We link with planners, architects, lawyers and other consultants involved in property projects.

Property Acquisition

We manage the whole acquisition process of business relocation, expansion or consolidation.

Corporate Property Management

At Edward Preece & Co we provide corporate property management services to a wide range of diverse businesses across the UK. We manage operational and investment properties to help you achieve your property ambitions. We can act as your own property department to deliver against your goals and objectives.

So why use Edward Preece & Co?

In the current economic climate we are a scalable resource, which can deliver significant cost savings – both to internal people costs and directly to your property expenditure budget. We have a proven track record of working with companies from multi-nationals to private businesses and pride ourselves on being a client-led consultancy, responding solely to the business needs of each individual client. As independent commercial property advisors and experienced professionals we will work to really understand your business and its needs, and provide the optimum solution for your requirements.

What services do we offer?

It all starts with finding and securing the right advisor to deliver corporate property services for your business, which we ensure is both timely and cost effective. The next step is to manage your property portfolio, including taking any hassle out of the process! We can either handle all the detail on your behalf or provide the relevant advice to your team to enable them to manage your property portfolio effectively. As experts in creating a workable property strategy, we have all the skills needed to manage any property-related project on your behalf. As all projects are different, we respond to the specific needs of each particular project, and an integral part of our role can be to deal with other consultants, including architects, engineers, planning consultants and lawyers. We understand how these different operations function and are familiar with their areas of expertise so we can ‘talk their language’ to ensure the successful completion of every project.

Corporate Property Solutions: open, approachable and results driven

Corporate Property Focus

To understand how we can support your corporate property needs please give us a call on: 01367 820 068

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