We build long term relationships with a diverse range of clients. While our property expertise fits within our four key areas the support given differs for each client and will often be a blend of all our services.

Corporate Property Services

Why Seek Corporate Property Advice?

Do you find that managing your corporate property portfolio takes up a disproportionate amount of your time? Do you struggle to understand the language used by property professionals when planning a new project? By using a company which specialises in corporate property advice, you can use your time effectively and your budget efficiently.

What We Deliver

Our corporate property services provide a complete professional package to support the property function within a company and ensure that the company’s interests are fully protected. Whether you need a single office, run a multi-site retail operation or want to develop a business park, all these projects will need the input of specialist consultants necessary to run a successful project through to completion. These can include architects, planning consultants, lawyers, quantity surveyors, highway and services engineers and property agents. Commercial property advisors understand how these different functions operate and the technical language they use and are familiar with their areas of expertise.

Within our package of corporate property services are:

Part Of Your Team

By their very nature, the majority of property projects, if not all, are complex schemes and the lion's share of businesses do not have the in-house resource, both in terms of man power and expertise, to manage big, one-off projects. This is where Edward Preece & Co come into their own. We can become, for as long as necessary, your in-house property team, and their services can range from advising the existing team on how to manage a project through to doing the day-to-day work to make it happen.

Fit Within The Business Strategy

Experienced corporate property advisors understand where property sits within the overall business strategy of a company, regardless of the industry, and are therefore able to help shape the property strategy going forwards. By having this expertise at the beginning of a project or as ongoing support to property management, we can concentrate on the detail, giving you, the client, time to focus on the bigger picture.

Corporate property services

Corporate Property Focus

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